BADINBLOCK and SACME = three generations of experience, continuous improvement, and with many technical innovations – made in Italy.

Since their beginnings in the 1960s they have developed and constructed automatic mobile machines for the production of previously manually-made concrete articles.

Egg-layers pressing on the steel plate without dissipation of vibrations on the ground – the first in the world –, and therefore of egg-layers with precision comparable to fixed systems. BADINBLOCK also produces: molds for any block making machine; automatic SACME stationary systems that are reliable, easy to assemble and do not wear out the handling tables; multi-layer egg-layers and stationary machines; supply and installation of concrete mixing plants; it has a long experience and innovative solutions in the field of Thermo blocks with insulation panels inside. All the mechanical parts of the machines as well as the hydraulic and electrical systems are designed and constructed 100% in the company’s workshop in Italy by highly specialized workers. The products have very low maintenance costs, low downtimes and long lives of over decades. Many customers in the Middle East have chosen the egg-layers for the quality of compaction and for the possibility of using the mobile machines outdoors in automatic mode, and therefore with constant production standards, that use the original SACME patented system, provided with an electromechanical program (patent no. 873398) which is composed of a series of cams and limit switches. This system permits a constant working of the machine, even with unfavorable conditions, i.e.: voltage rush, humidity, dust, very hot or cold weather, etc. SATA provides support from scratch to the finished plant. This includes complete production floor, concrete mixer, concrete block machine, along with material handling eqipment such as forklifts with special attachments, namely block lifting device, wet concrete bucket to feed the automatic block machine, integration of all machines and bringing all controls to one common control room.

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