Whether a generating set, a single filter or a container of parts are required, Powersource, based in the UK is one reliable source for all. Customers recognise and appreciate the reliability and durability of power solutions from Powersource.

Their own brand of PowerPro generator sets, alternator parts, control systems and spare parts, which only use high quality components from Western Europe and the US are a reliable solution to unstable power supplies and erratic national grid systems that can put operations at risk.

Powersource handles the corresponding spares and aftermarket business for all gensets, be it consumable or repair parts either for their own PowerPro sets or for systems that have been purchased from other manufacturers.



Diesel Power Generating Set - Air Cooled Series
Rating 10 kva - 135 kva

The air-cooled generator set adopts the Deutz engine, originally manufactured by Deutz AG, Germany. This engine has the latest technology and is of highest quality. Other features include: compact design, 4 stroke technology, low oil consumption, stable performance and easy maintenance, low operation cost, which make it an ideal power system for continuous, prime and standby usage. Furthermore it consists of match of the 4 poles with close coupled, single bearing self excited AVR controlled alternator from a reputed manufacturer.

Engine and alternator are mounted on the same frame steel skid with rubber damper for anti-vibration and with base tank divided internally in three sections, reducing fuel turbulence on continuous operation and avoiding malfunctioning of fuel level switch and monitoring.

  • This Gen-set has 3 phases & 4 lines, with output of 400V/230V, Frequency 50Hz, Power factor 0.8, Neutral point to earth and protective IP23 standard.
  • With optional electronic governing, fine integral air cooling capability, the engine can work well at an environmental temperature of up to 50°C.
  • Customized accessories in Common steel base frame, Circuit breaker, Damper, Exhaust silencer, Flexible pipe, Ni-Cd Battery and connecting wires/cables.


  • Extremely reliable and durable
  • Application under extreme conditions
  • Low fuel consumption, long service intervals
  • Only a few service points on one side of the engine
  • Trouble free cooling system; air neither cooks nor freezes
  • Minimum maintenance efforts in comparison to water cooled engines
  • Dedicated aftermarket care under one roof at Sata LLC, agent of Deutz AG
  • One Year full warranty
  • Best value for money


  • Static or Mobile   
  • Open frame or soundproof    
  • Remote start or AMF


Applications (Powering)

  • Construction sites
  • Desert sites/Farm houses
  • Telecommunication GSM sites
  • Street lights
  • Domestic application
  • Irrigation/agriculture
  • Site offices and small camps
  • Workshops

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