SATA is a leading spray gun manufacturer who’s spray guns are exclusively developed and manufactured in Germany. Strict quality controls monitor every single manufacturing process. The high precision components are assembled with ultimate care, while each nozzle set is manually fine-tuned. Because of their excellent reputation for quality, performance and worker health protection Sata spray guns have maintained their strong position in the automotive market.

With the new SATAjet 4000 B, every paint system can be safely and perfectly applied; painting becomes second nature. The spray gun with its extremely uniform and soft spray fan smoothly lays down the material on the object, resulting in top class finishes. Exact colour match precision, perfect gloss and uniform paint distribution are immediately obvious. As a result, anyone who has tried the SATAjet 4000 B will never want to put the spray gun aside again. The recommended spray gun inlet pressure of the RP version has been further reduced, now ranging between only 2 to maximum 2.2 bar. Additionally, the new nozzle concept helps reduce the noise level by up to 50%.  With the SATAjet 4000 B, the painter will achieve perfect finishes and painting will remain plain fun.

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