Moving earth, loading ships, harvesting crops, defending borders; the power plants you need come from Scania Engines. 5, 6 or the most powerful V8 – there are engines for the toughest conditions. Whichever engine you choose it has the same well-known Scania advantages - like low fuel consumption, low life cycle costs and tried and tested quality.

Look around the world’s construction sites and you will find engines from Scania in dump trucks, wheel loaders, stone crushers and machines for road maintenance.

Harvesting, ploughing or spraying, Scania has the right engine solution!

Hydraulic or electrical application - there is always a Scania engine with massive torque to drive it.

Arctic cold or desert heat. Scania’s engines deliver power on both land and sea. Combat vessels, ambulance boats and patrol craft are just some examples of the natural homes for Scania’s engines.

Material handling
Visit any harbour around the world, and listen to Scania engines in fork lifts, straddle carriers, reach stackers, AGVs and cranes.

Marine engines
On patrol, carrying out search and rescue, fishing, shipping cargo - whatever the conditions, the beating heart of the craft is the engine from Scania.
Compact in size, easy to install and maintain even in engine rooms with limited space, Scania´s engines are the ideal marine engines.

Ferries, rescue boats, fishing boats, pilot boats, patrol boats – we have the optimum, reliable and profitable solution.

Scania’s 12- and 16-litre engines are the No 1 choice for marine auxiliary applications, with impressive power and unbeatable durability.

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