Why Scania?

There is no room for hidden or unplanned costs these days. You can’t have any unexpected downtime. Rain or shine, your trucks have to roll. That’s why buying a new truck is one of the most significant decisions you can make. And why you shouldn’t confuse the price tag of a new Scania truck with costs. Price is not the same as costs. Cheaper to buy can easily turn out to mean more expensive to own and operate in the long run.

Scania has a reputation for its low ownership costs. In fact, Scania offers outstanding operating economy from start to finish. From buying a truck to trading it in many years later. So let us show you how you can affect your business costs – and your profits – by making the right purchase decision, right from the start. And why you should look beyond the price tag if you want to understand what a new truck really costs.

Scania's outstanding operating economy is based on fuel economy, uptime and resale value. Scania builds high-quality trucks designed to deliver the best total operating economy. This means that when taking into account the truck’s operating factors, your overall cost of running the vehicle is as low as possible.

There are many factors that contribute to your operating costs, but there is no doubt that a premium-duty vehicle giving long-term dependability and daily reliability will achieve greater uptime, enabling you to maximize utilization.

Minimized loss-of-use through unscheduled repairs together with consistently high levels of fuel economy will keep your overall running costs down. Add in the benefits of fast journey times and competitive payloads, and you have increased potential for advantageous productivity.

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